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I'm actually super excited to see what you do with this Jojo's project. You do good work Mick, keep it up ヽ(・∀・)ノ

me too lol

Hell yea good to see ya here Mick <3

good to be back!

Looking forward to it man

thanks yo, me too

For lack of better terminology, you wanna do a trilogy in one go? Challenging, reminds me of how Babylon 5 got started; the author/producer had a detailed dream about his project, spent the whole next day fleshing it all out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylon_5#Origin

One thing with serialized illustrations, is how the style changes over the course of production. Experienced artists, you hardly notice it, but with new subject matter and artists.. well, anything to minimize the difference between the first and last pages would be advisable. Say, you know @cecameron?

I'd throw more shit out there, but you've been around some pretty good eggs for a good number of years, keep pressing the successful ones for more advice on saga writing... or has the script been finalized? Went to this place in lower Manhattan in the late 20th, got some good advice on scriptwriting, the 1-2 day courses are worth the bread https://www.writingclasses.com/

It's a serialized project yes, so it's gonna long. And yes, I expect the artwork to morph overtime, though I'm trying to stay within the realm of the HIrohiko's JJBA part 4,5,6. Even his style changes drastically over the many years he worked on JJBA. Hopefully whatever changes are for the better haha

show me dem tiddies, milkboi

( . ) (o)

Pumped to follow your updates here!

me too beau

You're a legend, man; I look forward to seeing future updates.

I'm still a newbie <3 i mean i been on newgrounds since what, 2010? Started animating in 2011, and even then it was always in tandem with other work stuff. Excited and scared and pumped to dedicate myself to this.

That explains the recent OC art! Looks good/promising/interesting. Staying tuned!

<3 here's hopin!

<3 Mickalus

poopoo lala

You're one hot bitch, mick xoxoxo

good luck coming back
how do you motivate yourself?

Hey Mick.

It's pretty cool that you're one of the hall of fame dudes from NG that still posts on here and gives a lot of love to where he came from. That's mad respectful and, in turn, something I respect.

While I would love to sit down over some rum and shoot the shit with you some time, I realize this is an unlikely happenstance and will happily resign to supporting you in whatever endeavor you decide to throw yourself at. Very excited for whatever you get your hands on in the next little while.

Keep at it, you magnificent bastard,

where the fuck is trampstamp

Cool your back. Rock on man.