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Comments (22)

You have progressed so much in 3 little years. I can't wait to see what you make in the next 3

ugh, who knows how many years I have left, GOTTA GO FAST!

You really have improved in your animation over time here at NG- you've risen to be amongst the best here. Here's to continued improvement on your animations and friendships, RicePirate! b(^_^)d

I don't think i'm one of the best, but certainly one of the most consistant in terms of keeping my voice and animations uploaded.

Not only is the guy on the right not wearing matching clothes, he's also tilting his head the other way.

what a jerk

do you smell what the rock is cooking

roody poo candy asslevania

Despite my exhausted condition, it was a pleasure to meet you! Hope you took some pizza and other East coast goodies back home with ya! Asslevania looks great; you're getting the hang of this animation thing!

Getting the hang of it ... but still very far from where I'd like to be.

staaahp impreveehing maare thin mah in e smolla tahme :CCCC

I dunno if sticking strictly to anime style is helping or hindering. but your work has gotten much better over time so shut up

funny, i would've made that four shot since my shaving.

there were so many shaved heads at the party... i felt at home

haha i was just kidding i didnt really mean it. btw why didnt you answered that question i sent you in tumblr? or atleast i think i did....

i will, i like to space them out.

Man, if I wasn't broke, I'd love to come on over and hang out with all you guys. Ah well, maybe next year. And yes, you have certainly come along way and are only getting better in your toons! Can't wait to see more!

MmmMmmmmm, 'dem bald heads.

Mick you've progressed so much as an animator, it's almost unbelievable. Keep kickin' dem booties.

Holy! It's seriously crazy how far you've come with your animating! I love the style you've got going right now. Also congrats on the 100k subs!

swell work, friend. Hugs and kiss

Dude, you're up in the top tiers and it's only taken 3 years. Shit, the amount of high quality work you produce in such a short time is mind boggling. When I first started viewing flash toons and games back in 2002 it took months and years for guys like chuloid to produce a small film. I shared your pacman flash on Facebook the other and said you animate better than cartoons I grew up watching that had whole teams behind the scenes and I meant it. Holy shit dude you've already submitted another 4 awesome flashes since you made that one!

Keep it up!

What exactly can you accomplish

Not my favorite short of yours, but the collaborative work with Shadman turned out great. Didn't realize he's been making backgrounds for animations too... seeing those without anything explicit was a strange experience!

JP as in <a href="http://jp.newgrounds.com/">http://jp.newgrounds.com/</a> ?

Seriously? No one else has said it yet? You're all bald and it's fricken awesome! xD interesting coincidence. Anywho, from what I can tell, it's amazing how fast you've progressed as an animator and on this site. Furthermore, I'm glad someone finally made a Youtube flash exploiting Google's ridiculousness. There are many reasons to salute you.

Now you need to change that realization, you won't ever be the other animators but you will ALWAYS be RicePirate! I've loved your work from the beginning for that and always will love it for that reason.

you look like that guy from fullmetal jacket, that took suicide. just sayin.

Sorry I said your bald heads were blinding me with reflected sunlight... Although they actually did light up when I aimed the camera at them and it had to adjust... lol

I'm gonna totally lose my hair now.

no way ... too much of it ... it's impossible.

I don't know about your skill as an animator, which apparently is very high, but I've always seen you as one of the better, if not best, voice actors on Newgrounds, because everytime I see that you're in a video, I always try to find where you are, but I never can because I don't know what your voice sounds like!

yay :]

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