$$VO Job + 24HRC3:part2 (need artists)

2011-01-19 13:15:55 by RicePirate

*For information regarding the voice job, please scroll to the bottom

For NG regulars, I'm sure they're sick of hearing, seeing, or reading about it. Dot Dot Dot, fluke that is was, appears to have become kind of a meme. I'm well aware that there are a bazillion better flashes on NG, and that Dmac's voice carried it. That said, the fact Dmac's track (and voice) got the recognition that it did after a year, and that PSTW almost tripled in plays since 2009 in the last two weeks, AND that Axman has obviously matured quite a bit since last year, and the NG got a bunch of exposure from the flash ... makes me feel like the flash has it's place on the internet.

It was an experiment in typography, that got carried away on the wings twitter. Done.

For those who are unaware, there was a reserve team for the 24HRC3, however, 3 slots remain. I'd like to wrap this project up before the end of the month, so if you're an animator and you're interested, please post here or pm me.

Currently, we have parts from Zappawadda, 10JD, myself (same as the other), RadWalrus, LazyAss, Rion-Hunter, and Redminus.

*Prism music video from Reasoner's album
*24HRC3 part 2
*A number of shorts that will be exercises in FBF and line consistancy

Edge Studio (New York City) called this morning and asked if I could do an accurate "Porkey Pig", "Tweetey Bird", and "Bugs Bunny". I told them flat out, I could not, but that I could hopefully help them find someone. It pays $100-$125 ... shouldn't take long if you have the voices the down. It's for a toy company, I believe. It's a rush job, so they're looking to record tomorrow or Friday.

It's a professional job, so if you don't have access to a professional mic, or you don't quite have the voices down (for a professional gig), please hold off on sending samples.

Feel free to contact me at ricepirate.ng@gmail.com

$$VO Job + 24HRC3:part2 (need artists)


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2011-01-19 13:44:34

Good luck :)

RicePirate responds:

Thanks :D


2011-01-19 13:46:11

Very cool post i like i like :P

RicePirate responds:

Good Good!


2011-01-19 14:25:01

I suck at voices, but I put out a tweet containing this post to help you out.

RicePirate responds:

As it's a rush job, if it brings folks in that's cool. I'd just hate for anyone to put further effort into locating talent (like you), and have potential voice talent catch the message late and waste their time.

That said, if you know anyone who does the Mel Blanc voices, I believe Edge said that they've been asked numerous times for someone who could them off for other projects (sadly, all non-union), but still paying $75-$150 an hour.


2011-01-19 14:33:20

Nae and I are in the RicePirate fan-club.

RicePirate responds:

Can we have a three-way fan club where we just sit around and be fans of each other? Doesn't sound productive, but certainly good for morale :P


2011-01-19 14:50:52

When would these 3 Reserve Team animators do their parts?

RicePirate responds:

I'm aiming for this weekend (I figure that's a good time frame). But because the "secret is out" as far as what needs to get done, I'll be arbitrarily assigning a pool of potential NG characters to reference to assure that artists are making their parts in 24 hours.



2011-01-19 16:06:07

I can't wait to see your fbf experiments and critique the hell out of them! :D

RicePirate responds:



2011-01-19 17:14:08

make it good next time, thanks.


2011-01-19 18:21:39

I wonder who the next 3 artists will be, I wouldn't have been able to do it if it was this weekend :U


2011-01-19 18:29:50

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo redfeather got sass


2011-01-19 21:03:39

aw shit... D:

I didn't mean in a bad way, I just meant helpful notes :)


2011-01-19 22:07:54

lol, I like how ToaS included me in his comment so he wouldn't sound so completely ghey!!! ...but yeah, what he said! :D


2011-01-19 22:10:30

"Prism music video from Reasoner's album" <<<<< I can't wait for this!


2011-01-20 08:57:05

is it able to join


2011-01-20 11:43:59

I'd be interested, but i need a refresher as to how it works. I vaguelyyyy remember. Anyway i'll just be a reserve reserve, i always feel bad coming in and robbing some LEGITIMATE artist of an opportunity to do a cool project

RicePirate responds:

Ugh... You and your mouse. I'll be contacting you :p.


2011-01-23 02:54:26

What do you have against a mouse?


2011-01-23 12:56:37

i think you shouldnt make dot dot dot 2 because it will be boring after the first one since you cant make fun of every retarded comment you see.

RicePirate responds:

I haven't been planning on any other kinetic typographies :)


2011-01-26 10:56:06

I'm a Fuqhed. :(

RicePirate responds:



2011-01-27 06:07:37

hmm i wonder what axman13 thought about this video u made

RicePirate responds:

He contacted and was very cool aboutit. It's even a favorite of his.


2011-01-28 10:00:37

Hello, future KOP.

(Updated ) RicePirate responds:

pfft, no. Pretty sure illwillpress has got it in the bag. But I appreciate the kind sentiment.

just did some calculations, if weekly's count, I would have a shot, but they don't. :P


2011-01-28 15:45:40

I loved Dot Dot Dot, but the spamming of axman13's review is pissing me off.

RicePirate responds:

Unexpected fallout :( At least the game got a ton of views though .