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Where the hell am I ... ?

Posted by RicePirate - October 22nd, 2012

Hey guys, I've been pretty quiet on the newsfeed of late.

Things have just been crazy. I'm usually pretty vocal about updates and such (not sure how many people care), but it's been difficult to find the time to sit down and compile the work, my thoughts, my plans for the future blahblahblahblah...

So here's a quick breakdown of recent stuff following the release of Air Break and Trick Question ...

> Madness day : voicing : Paradigmadness
> 48 Hour movie Jam : voicing/writing/sound design : Too Scared to Poop
> Dudul : voicing : New Avenger
> Gonzo : voicing/writing : Dragon Ball Zee 2
> Spazkid/Stamper/Hans : voicing : Pokemon Spread
> Oney and Pebbles : voicing : Hellbenders - Applooza
> Rubert da Koopa
> Balthazar : voicing : Mugen character Vegeta Z2
> TwistedGrim (ninjaco) : voicing : Yoshi Drops
> Nick Deary : voicing : Batman and Pals
> Nalem : voicing : Draggin' Brawl Zzz
> Animeme : 20+ characters and counting
> Mondo Media : voicing : 3 episodes that should be airing soon
> Jae : voicing : PlungerDog 2
> Dark Knight Rises Total Spoilage (to be released soon)
> Working on a pilot for Mondo Media (signed contract, deadline Nov 5)
> Hernan Bruna (hbrunav) : voicing : epic toon to be released soon!

> Couple games should be coming out that I voiced for : Lucky Tower 2 and Armor Mayhem 2.

> Bunch of other projects that are still in the works by others and myself, that I shouldn't probably say much about.



If anyone thought I was quiet on the site, I'm definitely still around, just been pulled in a couple different directions in terms of the voicing/animation stuff. And while I've been focusing on spreading my work across more of the internet, Newgrounds is and always will be home.

Long live Newgrounds.

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Long live Newgrounds! I really never thought you were quiet at all. Hell I always see your name in one form or another on the front page. Thanks for the update RicePirate!


Keep those vids comin'

I also heard you love your wife

You heard right.

damn. you're very bizzy..
maybe il need your voice help in a future animation of mines too ^^

Maybe for a DBZ parody ... cuz i ain't ever done one of those.

love these whatupdates, love everything you do :*
keep up the great work :)


Love this update style! I will never understand how you manage juggle all this awesome work.
Funnily enough I've been listening to your voice all day while animating haha.
Trying to pump out all the 'not-forgotten-but-incredibly-postponed' projects. (University hit me harder than I could've believed)
Anyway, On the Palisade 4 is about halfway done now. Sorry for taking so godamn long <3

ohhohoh shit! Can't wait man! No... I can. Already been this long :]

You do know you ARE going to win the 2012 Newgrounds Tank Award for User of the year, right?
I mean, Tomamoto voiced for pretty much everything when he won it, and you gave many artists a chance to grow by lending them your time and voice.
Honestly, I have no doubt. ;)

I didn't even know they had those anymore. Either way, the greatest rewards I've gotten are the awesome friends, connections, work opportunities, growth, and support. Seriously.

Eventually we will hear ricepirate voices in everything! :D

I think that's something some folks are starting to dislike.

Viva la NEWGROUNDS! P.S. I have halloween trick for you...


Your voice is so golden :)

Thanks, tits.

You make the internet a more handsome place to be.

You make me feel fat and bald everytime you say shit like that. <3

Woo, doggy, that's one busy list. Go, man go! :)


Lucky Tower 2!!


you got your fingers in lots of pies... you need to grow more fingers and stick em in more pies!!! XD

I got toes ...

Pfft. Slacker. &lt;3

If I didn't have a full time job and wife I'd do more.

Pokemon spread is a waste of your great and amazing talent...

I love Stamper. And any chance to work with him, Spaz, Hans, or Oney is one I'd happily spend my time doing.

You rose to fame on newgrounds so fast haha. Keep up the great work mate :)

I don't know about fame, and a I don't know about fast. I do know that I love what I do, and will keep trying to improve.

how is everyone so good at animating, what the fuck is going on.

There's a wave of animators coming into their own post Ego, Oney, Pebbles, Harry...

lol @ I-smel

I feel your feel bro

Stop feeling people in my news post. Get a goddamn room.

Isn't Total Spoilage already out?

Yeah, just not on Newgrounds, I'd wanna link to the NG link in an NG post if I can help it.

quit your bitchin smel, least you can animate =/
fuck, by the time i get even one animatic out, you guys will have left newgrounds by then.

I got a ways to go ... in both animation and writing.

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