Voice Reel feedback? Also, Potato Salad!

2013-05-20 21:50:48 by RicePirate

Workin' on solidifying an animated voice reel.

Here's a rough sampler of the some of the different kinds of voices I've done over the last couple years. Unfortunately, I had to cut a lot of stuff because I didn't want to bloat the video. It's "(beta)" because I still want to make a bunch of tweaks, so if there's any voices I've done that you think I should add (or remove), lemme know. Thanks, guys.

Additional Music by:
Kevin Macleod - www.youtube.com/user/kmmusic
Chris "Oney" O'Neill - www.youtube.com/user/oneyng

Speaking of Chris ... Stamper, Oney, Pebbles, and I made a short film about Potato Salad during my stay in Philly after Pico Day. Cory was there ... but he was busy animating hot chicks with huge penises doing animals in the butt.


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2013-05-20 22:01:07

I am entertained and scared at the same time D:

RicePirate responds:



2013-05-20 22:28:17

Heheh, I respect a man who isn't afraid to get himself dirty with undigested delicious chow, and also who allows Stamper to draw on his face

RicePirate responds:

he also got to lie on my back for a while. perhaps a little too long.


2013-05-20 22:46:19

Bald men and potato salad. Mmmmm...

RicePirate responds:

so gay lol


2013-05-20 22:48:53

Hey, I haz no potato salad at Pico Day e_0 why you no share props? It's because I mixed up your name, right Mike.... Mick! Shit!! I shoulda scored some Adderral from the kid next door before going...
Look at you two, just two cue-balls, in a sack of insanity. Acting was ab-fab bro, truly!
Glad to see Oney's pretty good behind the lens, and the bit looked hilarious, from start to finish.

Voice reel has a great mix of styles, especially in the beginning.

RicePirate responds:

oney's also a wizard at editing.


2013-05-20 22:49:12


RicePirate responds:



2013-05-20 22:49:20

Potato salad was amazing!

RicePirate responds:

It's pretty good, I prefer mashed potatoes.


2013-05-20 22:56:59

Animating chicks with dicks does take a lot of focus, so I don't blame Spazkid.

RicePirate responds:

Yes, I was very focused.


2013-05-20 23:12:37

Honestly, you 2 look so much alike you could be the same person.
How come I've never seen you 2 in the same place at the same time STAMPER?

RicePirate responds:

Ya, I'm Stamper's beefy not-as-cool alter ego.


2013-05-20 23:13:36

Your performance in Potato Salad was both hilarious and impressive. Really not sure how you managed to stay expressionless while Stamper practically wrote on your face.

RicePirate responds:

It was pretty easy, I was dead.


2013-05-20 23:15:14

Everything in this post is pleasing to all of my senses

RicePirate responds:

I'm married, bro.


2013-05-20 23:25:03

If you hadn't already seen that vid you're a pleb. Not subbed to Rice on Youtube? That's so beta bro.

RicePirate responds:

You "beta" subscribe! RIGHT?! RIGHT?!!!


2013-05-20 23:26:30

I don't think its a big deal but the link's font at the end of ricepirate. com/VA looked like /YA to me at first and if someone views with annotations off, they might not correctly follow through to your page. Or maybe its just my awful eyes.

Totally minor, probably insignificant but I figured I'd point that out.

But outside of that, awesome reel and even more awesome video! GODDAMN you guys are hilarious

RicePirate responds:

Ricepirate YA!


2013-05-20 23:39:33

I have seen your face, and heard your voice, and the illusion remains unbroken. You truly are a voice actor to be reckoned with.

RicePirate responds:

Best compliment ever.


2013-05-20 23:47:15

I wish I could cut out your voice box and substitute it for my own.

RicePirate responds:

That's specifically creepy.


2013-05-20 23:47:15

I wish I could cut out your voice box and substitute it for my own.


2013-05-21 00:10:20

Mick you are just hilarious. Someday, I wanna be a voice actor just like you.

RicePirate responds:

Don't be like me. Be better.


2013-05-21 00:35:33

Potato Salad after 4:38 = pure gold.

RicePirate responds:

golden times.


2013-05-21 02:19:25

Great diversity for the voices! It was definitely hard to connect some of them so it's a good sign that each voice stands out on it's own. Actually, the pincer voice almost sounded like Kevin Michael Richardson voices.

RicePirate responds:

The Pincer was fairly effected, I dropped the pitch like 10%


2013-05-21 04:38:29

The reel is pretty damn brilliant, shows off a lot of variety.

RicePirate responds:

Thanks : ]


2013-05-21 05:10:56

I bet you're being told a lot. I tend to confuse you with Stamper. You guys look like brothers.

RicePirate responds:



2013-05-21 06:26:14

Holy what the jumping fuck is this sketch

RicePirate responds:

Ask Oney.


2013-05-21 06:34:51

"Potato Salad"
4 cups minced potato
4 eggs
2 tablespoons mustard
1/2 cup mayo
1/3 heartache
2/3 cup of tears

RicePirate responds:

recipe for best friends.


2013-05-21 07:02:05

greatest acting of all time, you guys deserve an oscar :D

RicePirate responds:

It was all CG


2013-05-21 08:24:40

Oh man, all that wasted potato salad! :O

Great show/showreel btw.

RicePirate responds:

Oh we ate quite a bit of it ... surprisingly.


2013-05-21 09:44:43

I love potato salad!

RicePirate responds:

Me too!


2013-05-21 09:55:55

shi I knew you were a talent but knowing you voiced yu-gi-oh makes me think you're incredible : o

RicePirate responds:

lol Zexal tends not to be the most popular of the franchise, BUT THANKS!


2013-05-21 11:48:00

spazkid was busy animating dicks? thats our cory- "cheesy 80's sitcom music plays"

RicePirate responds:

He's gotten really good at it too. He can do it with his eyes closed ... with his penis.


2013-05-21 14:19:23

2 guys, 1 shit ton of potato salad

RicePirate responds:

Pretty much.


2013-05-21 18:46:05

Beautiful ;)

RicePirate responds:

Isn't he?


2013-05-22 01:58:13

There was no brilliance

there was only bromanship

RicePirate responds:



2013-05-22 08:30:29

Didju git yo tin dollahs?

RicePirate responds:

It's my going rate.


2013-05-22 15:58:37

Haw, iz so funny, with no context! I LIEK RANDOM!


2013-05-22 16:07:10

Eww, how did you film that thing lol...

RicePirate responds:

I didn't, Chris did. He loves that dirty shit.


2013-06-09 03:40:46

Thoroughly enjoyed that video. It reeked of hilarity. Might I also add, you have a really sexy voice, dude. Like, I felt guilty having your voice pumping into my headphones there for a moment. I got over it quickly. You're quite the talented individual. (yeah I know, where have I been?) Thanks for sharing.

RicePirate responds:

lol thanks. Keep rockin' it!


2013-06-10 12:54:36

Lol, I meant, how could you stand to be in it?

By the way, you two do look creepily alike don't you...


2013-06-25 23:11:39

"Potato Salad" hurt my feelings.


2013-07-09 19:44:35

so you and stamper are twins?