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Working on a new Website

Posted by RicePirate - July 9th, 2013

Hey guys, been a while since I last updated! Things have been pretty hectic with work, commissions, life, stuff.

Got a number of projects in the works at the moment, and have been wrestling with making a very serious leap towards cutting down my business workload and shifting my energy to animation and more professional voice over stuff.

Youtube won't pay the bills, not yet. So as far as animation is concerned, I'll need to accept and likely seek out more work. We'll see how in depth I get with that, though.

A more clear and concrete path I'll be taking soon is getting a voice over agent here in Minneapolis. I've been doing fine with professional gigs via referrals and whatnot, but it's time to get more serious about it. I've avoided it since moving here, partially because I need to start all over from my connections in NYC. That said, it's a smaller town, and the likelihood of making some good connections quickly is pretty high.

As part of my effort to "getting more serious" about all this animation/voicing stuff, I've been working on a website for a couple weeks now ... still a ways to go, but check it out:


On a completely different note :THANKS FOR THE USER OF THE YEAR AWARD ... from 2011 lol Despite the amount of time that has passed, the excitement and appreciation hasn't worn a bit. I talk a little more about it on the site, if you care to read.

That's it, guys. Hugs and butt smacks. love you guys,


Working on a new Website


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You deserve the award :) congrats, hope you get the connections you need. Good luck with Ubisoft, love their games, can't wait to see what you are involved with, keep us updated and the website is very organized. In a way, kind've reminds me of another website layout but can't recall which, but looks clean and organized. Good luck.


In 15 years, you, me and Tom buy Yachts and race 'em. What do you say? Last one to Hawaii is a rotten egg.

Still can't pay for help

Your new websites really nice, so clean, easy to navigate and responsive as well.

Love you Rice. You're a great man and I'm glad you won the award. Best of luck on your career!

Congrats on the award, you definitely earned it!

Keep up the great work!

Your website is unbelievably crisp. So slick.

nice webste its looking really great!

You keep going at it, RicePirate- I wish you luck in the VO agent search. Congrats for being 2011 UOTY, and your site's awesome.

Damn Man you are making it places :P I love see that you are getting better and better and just damn man I LOVE IT :) I'm really happy to have been in that first collab with you on Ng. Also really happy that went from hobby to a job :) That is a dream of mine :) To see a fellow artist get places makes me really happy for both you and me because I was really losing hope in a lot of things but honestly it boosts me up and makes me want to try more :) Sorry if this is written a little weird just :P awesome.

Congrats on the award and definitely liking the site so far! Also, a bit of an off topic note, but did this ever happen of screen of oney's potato salad video you and stamper were in? <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If91224AQuM">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If91224AQuM</a>

Is your new website a blog????????? Where can I get one??

Keep it up, son.