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Rayman Legends, Ubisoft Commission

Posted by RicePirate - September 6th, 2013

NEW TOON : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/624717
YOUTUBE : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzq_xqu6nPQ
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Some folks have asked if this piece is an official promotional animation for Rayman Legends ... the short answer, is yes. It was part of their online marketing campaign to hire an animator to create a video geared towards the online community. That said, I didn't work directly with Ubisoft (though I had plenty of interaction with their marketing department as well as a rep for Michele (the creator of Rayman).

Unlike most parodies we do online, I didn't have complete creative control of this project. There were several hoops to jump through, the biggest ones (unfortunately) happening hours before the intended upload. They approached me for my personal spin, they accepted my concept and script, but ultimately when you deal with folks who don't live and breathe online content, there's a gap in the understanding process that can only be bridged by compromise.

This is the second commission I had (the first being the Splinter Cell piece), and I don't anticipate taking on another one of these for a little while (who knows lol). The pressure is huge. I'm pretty sure I now have a permanent eye twitch. It's just not about delivering a product that BOTH the audience AND the client are happy with, but more importantly (to me) was making sure my team (my friends) were getting taken care of.

The work is intense, and the pay is fine, but due to the amount, it takes much longer to reach our hands, and in the future I'm not even going to look at a contract unless there's a downpayment.

Stress and drama aside, I'm extremely proud of the finished project, and am honored and humbled to have had a chance to work with such talented friends. Hernan, Shadman, and Jon Babb ... seriously, amazing. Cory, Nevarky, Grim from the Splinter Cell project ... just so many awesome hard-working talented friends... I couldn't have done it without them.

Long live Newgrounds.

Rayman Legends, Ubisoft Commission

Comments (24)

I'm curious what the original version was before the asked you to tweak it... turned out amazing though! The games have such nice animation, this outdid them!

Long live RicePirate! It's a great piece and for a game that's known for having beautiful backgrounds, Shadman delivered the goods.

☠ rayman parody is great rice pirate ☠

Wise move to take a break for a bit from commissions, dude. Hopefully things get less stressful for ya, Mickles.

They were both awesome man :D the amount of planning and work put into these really shows.

well that explains why there were no dirty jokes ^^

I assumed the Rayman animation was a commission.
Both of the commissions came out fantastic. Can't even imagine the stress you were under making them.

I was seriously impressed when I watched it. It's all done top-notch and you should be proud. good job man <:


that was awesome!

I'm glad you got these commissions! As painful as they may be, they're great for your portfolio! :D Great job!

great job man :)

Knew those backgrounds had a familiar look to them. Great job Mick, lots of praise.

Well done, dude. Thanks for sharing and the behind the scenes insight!

Everyone who worked with you deserves a pat on the back, RicePirate- including you. There will always be those of us who appreciate the time you take to do and complete ANY project.

Why was there no talking

Really top notch work, it did miss some of that edgy RicePirate humor that I have grown accustom to, but less creative control will do that. However animations don't really get much more professional than this. <3

The art style completely blew me away. You guys did an awesome job

It was so well done like astounding, but I know what you mean, the people that want an animation have no idea of how the process works so they are almost clueless, Some might not be, but others are I am currently working with a company and i had to sit down and explain a lot before the animation started. Even being touched, but they were warm and open to hear a little bit about the art aspect behind things so it was sorta nice. You did fantastic and honestly have a break and do some stuff where you have like an hour to just take a nap lol.

I seriously adored the Rayman video. Fantastic animation and adorable writing.

It was exceptional work all around! Everything was stunning.

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