2014-01-28 13:16:52 by RicePirate



Where have I been? What am I doing?

I've been voicing a ton (some of it here on NG some for YT guys like LORE, HISHE, Slamacow, etc) ... but not animating much.  At least, not this month.  Though I do have a short toon almost ready... kinda.

This month I was designing and coding the frontend of Normalboots.com, a site for guys like JonTron, PBG, Projared, Continue and co.  It's a new site going through some initial growing pains, so not everything is perfect, but server-side issues are being addressed on a daily basis. It's only been a couple days.

I basically had a couple weeks to design it, so there's a lot I would like to tweak and touch up over time.  The basic layout is pretty clean (by request), but that's for the sponsored background ads that'll be coming soon.

For as many excuses as I'm putting forward, I am very proud of how it turned out.

I do have a lot of plans for animation stuff this year, just have to get all my other business in order.  Will very much be better about posting to NG too, I know I've been shit at that.

There's also some other exciting news, but I'll have to wait for the official announcement to share that!!

hugs guys, NG forever




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2014-01-28 13:25:36

I am a fan of Normal Boots and am enjoying what you have done to it.


2014-01-28 13:55:46

You're the guy programming NormalBoots? I thought that was just one of the guys there or something. That's awesome! That just shows how small the community on Youtube really is.


2014-01-28 15:23:59

I love you for making the site. I've been missing Normal Boots and now the site is back and designed quite well.


2014-01-28 15:46:57

Gr8 job designing normal boots. Definitely a very polished site!


2014-01-28 16:29:49

It's good to have normalboots back :D


2014-01-28 17:33:17

Designing the Normalboots site too?

"Hi, I'm Mick Lauer and I'm single-handedly the future of entertainment. All of it."

Motherfucker, you're are a role model.


2014-01-28 17:34:07


Thanks phone, I can type it by myself.


2014-01-28 18:52:58

It is nice to see NormalBoots.com is back. The new design looks great.


2014-01-28 18:54:25

can you narrate my life? srsly


2014-01-28 22:16:55

You should be proud; everything runs extremely smoothly and in all honesty is just a pleasure to navigate through.


2014-01-29 00:35:15

Whoa, you've been busy dude. Glad to hear that you're scoring lots of gigs though. :)

Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us!


2014-01-29 02:31:32

Don't persecute the fashion it's only because you need the money


2014-01-29 02:34:58

Damn, Mick! That site's looking great!
One'a these days down the line maybe I'll bug/hire you to help me out with my stuff, too. Been wanting to start up my own page for a while.

Impressive stuff, as per usual! Keep it up man!


2014-01-29 19:06:32

cute rollovers


2014-01-29 19:09:13

Ah so that was you? great job!


2014-01-29 20:15:33

I can't wait to show you what I did with your voice-work!
Working with you through Lore has been fun!

The Normal Boots website looks amazing!
Great job, dude!


2014-07-16 03:56:36

My mind just came.


2014-09-22 07:29:33

ay have a good madness day