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We Are Not Alone

Posted by RicePirate - October 11th, 2014




So I've been pretty shitty about keeping up to date with the going-ons, specifically here on Newgrounds.  I've been making stuff and not posting it here... like a fucking douche.  That's all gonna be dealt with shortly.  It's not for any lack of want: purely my being a lazy bitch (or being out of my mind busier than I've been in my life...one or the other).

That said, having twitter, facebook, youtube, patreon, sleepycabin, and newgrounds as points of contact is just stupid.  I can certainly take the time to post content, however, interacting with viewers and colleagues across half a dozen platforms is highly inefficient: so here's my plan...


> If you wanna poke me on social media : Twitter is the place, I'm not the best Facebooker

> To see updates of my latest projects : My Patreon activity feed is probably best


Between Youtube, Newgrounds, and Sleepycabin, I've been getting better at "replying" to folks, but part of that is gonna be streamlining everything else.

This whole house-cleaning attempt at efficiency may change down the road: that seems to be the theme of this year for me, so none of this is definitive, just trying new things until something "works". OK?!


Love 4ever&ever,








Comments (15)

Yeah, you've been doing tons of work man. I'm really excited for all that shit you've been working on. That "experimental thing" looks insane. Anyways, stay awesome Mick.


Hang in there!

<3 i r. u2

ok sounds good.

ok sounds good too

your already newgrounds member of the year

hahah , then i was newgrounds asshole of the year ... gotta work it off

Get in. Take a ride.

There's candy.

let's go

oh my &gt;:)

no yours

Your awesome man keep at it :)

will doo!

Oh, you. Goodie, you, I knew you wouldn't leave us. All honesties, I'm not much into the pecker, but I am quite the face to drop a load on in the books of face. C wut I did dare? Yeah.......... I said &quot;honesties&quot;. LOL

honesties isn't a real word, hahahahhahaahahahhaahahahahahahahhhaha.


I don't know what this is a picture of but it looks really really awesome.

it is a snapshot of the chaos of creation ... that, or i honestly don't really know either. thanks for the compliment though, smelly!

I agree RP! What is the purpose of having all these extra social media sites? There are many out there I haven't even heard yet and I find no desire to join them. In fact I still have a twitter and myspace account I need to delete.

Nice to see your giving newgrounds a little love
Also love the sleepycasts I always knew you guys were nuts
Also tell stamper to pull his thumb outta his ass and go wash it he's got
Toons to make he's long overdue for a new vid

i'm starting a twitch stream ... and per their TOS , have to play games ... at least for a portion. i wanted to dedicate it to flash games on NG : ]

Keep up the work Rice! You're awesome!

<3 fanks luv

Thanks for all the work you do! I've been following the videos on your youtube channel (among dozens of other informative ones) and my girlfriend and I are getting ready to release the first episode of our podcast thanks to you! Your tips have been very helpful (especially the ones of audio/voice acting stuff) and I'm glad to see you on the front page of NG, you deserve it!


hahaha awesome! once i get my ass outta of the weeds i'll be sure to try to make more helpful stuff. promise

Thanks for being you, Mick. I would say more but my cat is about to jump on my keyboard.