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Like Dark Souls but harder. I love the concept, extremely unforgiving. Clearly each battle can be won in more than one way because I've seen reviews where people claim you have to block the first swordsman, and I was able to just stab him when he charged. Haven't beaten the second guy yet, but will try later.

SHOULD BE LONGER! AND HARDER!! For the people who think the game is too hard, it's because you're suppose to "slide" ... that's the sprint you need to overcome many obstacles. Seriously, if you have an issue with cupcake mode being too difficult, you need to work on your gaming skills.

SLIDE, guys!

deathink responds:

That what she said!

Lots of fun... a bit grindy ... but that was mainly the 1st world. The 2nd world actually requires using all the different strategies of hiding properly and more complex attack/evade ... which was a huge plus. great work!

Evil-Dog responds:

The new version is less grindy but sad side effect is you lose your progress, SORRY!

Really fun premise. Some obstacles at later distances would help. I actually had to kill myself to end the game. Still very neat.

lol, WE DID ACTUALLY HANG! (though sadly not much) ... was wonderful meeting you man. And hope to see you again!

deathink responds:

The day just seemed to blink by. But it WAS awesome meeting you. We will definitely hang out again, hopefully soon <3

Hilariously awesome.

molkman responds:

Thanks, brutha.

Love the art and descriptions lol Not only true to the site but a wonderful old timey flavor at the same time!

deathink responds:

Fine I will add you to the next update ;D
I am REAL glad you like it!

Dunno why the score is so low. This game is fucking fluid, stylish, original, and fun. Maybe later it gets too hard?? I'll have to play and see.

Woulda loved a little more variety in the games. Even for the running game, coulda had a mash two buttons (like AS or KL). But aside from my whiney bitching, I love the concept, the and enjoyed the fun that you didn't shy away from.

24 days, one man (sans voicing) ... I have to 5.


Funny little bug, after I visited the "private party" I killed myself against Shooter ... after I died, I was taken back to the private party then back to Shooter but wasn't on the screen lol

small goofy glitches, in no way taking away from the game. Hell, the originals had plenty of glitches lol


Abobo responds:

hm, sounds like a secret "feature" not a glitch... yes that's what I'll call it...

thanks to Ninjoco for the awesome avatar!!!!

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