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more gold on newgrounds.

there are no words. not even these.

1000pts for scud on the wall.

FUCKING DAAILY AND WEEKLY?! JEez dude!!! Awesome job. -.5 stars for using Ricepirate. he's way overused and overrated. fuck that duck in the donkey dong. Seriously, great job man, really loved the pacing and time you took with it to tell a story instead of just one-off jokes.

Twisted4000 responds:

Thanks sir, I'm really glad you and so many people seem to love this so far. Nice voice work too, of course!

jeez this was great! the voice acting and timing and all the little details and shit. really nice work!

Jameserton responds:

Thanks RicePirate! Nice hearing that from a professional voice actor. Glad you noticed the little details; good to know I'm not just wasting my time with 'em.

I don't have an issue with the art or the general voice performances ... but the sound quality in general is hard on my ears, and pacing got really weird ... you know i'm a fan ... not sure what happened on the exporting side ... just being honest. Long live Zone ... just being transparent.

ZONE-SAMA responds:

No idea why Flash screwed up the audio, but I know what you mean. I had to reupload the YouTube version because of that, but it always comes out sounding lo-fi and weird in the swf or a direct flash video export.

If I figure it out, I'll update the file.

I expected the city to be green after the explosion. lol

AliensOnToast responds:

We be messing with your expectations :P

Jordan, you know I'm not a hater. But I gotta say, despite the length of the episode, the animation is easily the laziest I've seen you pull off. I understand that the animation is secondary to the message, but if that's the case, just make a video, yer not a bad looking guy. I'd probably be more receptiveto what you had to say if it was face to face, rather than this ... this was just hard to watch based on the blatant lack of effort on the visual execution. The stock footage, photos, and diagrams would actually work better with live video, I think.

RiverJordan responds:

Hey Ricepirate!

I completely agree with you!

I'm still trying to balance the process of making long long videos (in which your right, it's more about the message, but of course, the delivery of that message is just as important), and not spending 2 years on each one.

I have plenty of ideas and plans for videos i want to make like this, i know i'm a capable animator, but i also don't want to get sucked into that world of never producing anything because it takes waaaayyy too long.

Granted, i also wanted to get it out "by monday", because i'm going out to do some speaking at a festival next weekend and i didn't want to push this back another 2 weeks.

So yeah... i rushed it. I promise you i'll spend more time and less rushing on the next one.


The poses, the faces, the angles, the characters, this shows your seemingly infinite versatility. I know life shit got in the way, but don't ever stop.

Alpha-Nuva responds:

Appreciate it, man. Thanks a bunch for the kind words and helping us out.

make more stuff you lazy fuck

Zullzee responds:

lol, I had too many movies half done from the old NATA but now the backlog has cleared up so new stuff should be coming quicker.

thanks to Ninjoco for the awesome avatar!!!!

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