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RicePirate's News

Posted by RicePirate - October 1st, 2011

Dunno what it is ... been feeling like revisiting the past a lot. Probably just getting old and senile.

I Youtubed some of my favorite songs of the past, and stumbled upon a music video for Roots, Bloody Roots by Sepultura (that and Pantera was pretty much all I listend to in HS). I'm not sure if the video is hilarious, awesome, deep, or just plain stupid ... but at least the song still rocks. (below)

Working on a bunch of things. Hulalaoo and I's project is comin' along.

The project with Shadman looks like it's been shelved, which is a bummer and a blessing at this moment in time. If you haven't seen his commissioned art for Madness Heist, check it out (more flashes need Shadling poster/cover art).

And I learned a new word today: auto-filate (NSFW).


Posted by RicePirate - September 23rd, 2011

Today is the first day of Fall. Where the fuck did the year go?

Lots of stuff, I'll keep it succinct:


Madness Day 2011
Pretty fucking epic. Tons of great animations. Sadly, not as much music this year.

Madness Heist (check it out)
All my props to MOC for heading up this epic tribute to cinema and Madness. He took a genre already so full of cliches and overused stock-characters, and found a fresh new take on it ... Madness style. Which I thought really suited the action. The soundtrack, composed by his brother, was killer. Just killer. And the VAs involved literally blew my pants off. While I thought my performance was fine, I apologize for my poor mix (completely my fault) ... I've been spoiled by engineers, which is the main reason I've begun recording little VA scenes.

VA Scenes
While I've created VA Scenes for flash projects, I decided to start creating them more regularly, for the sake of learning how to write, mix, and optimize recording. While my current one is more awkward than funny, comedy is another thing I'd like to explore more. I suppose I don't have to write them all ... so if folks are interested in hearing their scripts produced in audio ... I can give it a try if I'm not too busy ... which I currently am.

Douche : Pwnd
Remember that bitchy rant I wrote last week. If not, I bitched-out like my vag was on fire for an entire page about some fucksuck who stole my video then blocked me from commenting on it. A number of NG peeps let loose on this doucherag ... all comments were deleted. FINALLY, after 4 formal complaints, YouTube manned up and took the video down. While the user is still active and uploading ripped content daily, it still felt like a small pwn.


Project 1
Hulalaoo and I have made excellent progress on what is to be my first "serious" project. I don't mean it's about poor starving African kids with AIDS, what I mean by 'serious', is that it will be a full production. Good dammit, Hula's wrists make my pants tight.

Project 2
While delayed due to a number of factors ... mainly work, this second project is another "serious" project. Like the first, these two projects have been in my head/journal/computer for quite some time. However this is less an animation, and more a motion-comic. The fact that the illustrious master of dark Arts, theShadling, is on the roster, pretty much keeps me up at night, envisioning just how much of a reality this may become.

There's a lot of other stuff, animation stuff, voice stuff, the Creaturing Project, the Dino collab, and a lot more ... but I already broke my promise to make this short...

Here's a personal fave, while you're on my page:

Madness : Reflectionation

Posted by RicePirate - September 13th, 2011

I don't generally lose my cool. And I get it, shit-heads on the internet will always steal/rip stuff and post it as their own, and fucking dumbasses who can't tell the difference won't get it or won't care who actually made it. Fine. I can understand that.

But when you steal something, and someone approaches you, and says, "Hey, I found the video of mine you ripped, and it doesn't even mention where it came from or who made it. Take it down." I expect a couple of responses:

(a) "Fuck you asshol, its fareuse i can do whatevr i want!"
(b) "Oh sorry, didn't know it was yours ... I'll take it down."
(c) "Well, I'm not taking it down ... but I will credit you."
(d) [ignore]

But the one response I find completely beyond dickless and so fucksuckingly full of cowardice ... Is to block me ... from commenting ... on the very video ... you fucking stole.

SniperJJS1369 is his/her (let's just go with 'his') name.

Probably has a couple accounts. In fact, with 720 ripped videos (many from NG ... all of the MvC3 series, among others), I doubt Youtube gives a flying fuck ... because, yes, there are so many of them sucking their own junk while they laugh and giggle with mouthfuls of ass-pus, that YouTube would rather harp on the people who actually DO make their own material...

If you sent me a video of 40 old dudes shitting in every orifice of this person's head ... I wouldn't flag it.

The funny thing is ... it was purposefully one of my worst "animations" ever ... but I get it. it was because he wanted to rip/upload the entire NG series of them.

I know a lot of people who have pretty much given up on protecting their work from Youtube ... and sure, it pisses me off ... but it was the manner in which this dickless fucksuck handled the situation. I don't care if this kid is 10. If I see him public, I'm punting him in the throat.

And, yes, I'm pissed it somehow has 100,000 views.

I was hoping to use this weekly post to talk about some cool projects coming up...

Instead I'm ranting to the 10 people who will read this ...

... off to get drunk and blow off steam.

EDIT: I saw a lot of wonderfully abusive retorts to this fuck, and I thank you guys. Sadly... all your comments were deleted, and you've all been blocked. I swear to God ... I wanna fucking kill this fuck. I really don't care about the ripping so much as how much of a little shit fuck he's being...

F#cking D#ckless S#it-Eating F#cktard

Posted by RicePirate - August 26th, 2011

Lots of stuff in the works. I have a Creaturing project trailer in the works, mainly for the public (the kids, teachers, and parents). The show I was in last year, Weekend at an English Country Estate was nominated for two NYC IT awards (best performance, actress & best original full length).

Working on another Benjamin B animation for pitching purposes.

Upcoming collabs with Hula and Shad have had me writing (consistently) in my journals again, something I haven't done in over a year. Fucking. psyched.

I'll keep this short...




There's a storm a-comin'... (good luck NC!)

I GREW A BEARD ... then got naked in Sparta.

Posted by RicePirate - August 18th, 2011

CLOCK DAY: So with Clock Day 2011 winding down, I just wanted to thank you guys for initiating me into what was my first Clock Day. Lots of kind responses, 0-bombs, and ... well, clocks.

CREATURING : With additions from Test-Object and Pixelcake, the Creauring Project is starting to really take shape. This isn't a call-out for more artists (not yet). But check out the unfinished site here : www.creaturing.com

PROJECTS : Working with Gonzo on some animated shorts! W@@TERS! Also a bunch of other little things that aren't in a place to mention yet.

VOICING : Lucky Tower 2, stuff with Gonzo, Pwanchi, some online audiobooks, and a thing for Marriott? (crossed-fingers)

FUTURE : Some projects I've had on my mind and in my journals for years ... with the help of (in my opinion) some of the most talented mofos on NG. More on this later.

STD : A quarter million views in less than 9 days. Rock on, snookums.


EGORAPTOR DRAWING DINOSAURS : This could be old news to most of you, but Lazyass linked me to this video last night. (See below)


UPDATE: Since posting the info below, the NG community was so epically chastising "the company" that was raping Egoraptor's name ... THAT THEY CHANGED THE NAME of their piece and removed all Egoraptor-related meta data! Course ... they also removed a bunch of comments from us ... but still. Power to people. <3 hump.

Also, in more Egoraptor-related news, a fellow NG artist was solicited by a company that hired artists. This unnamed company offers pretty good money for the work ... however, their scripts are terrible, and they have very VERY bad practices: like using other people's names and work as SEO fodder. It may not be illegal, but it's shady as fuck. And I personally think that kind of "mindless/heartless business with no respect for the people who actually create" is fucking pathetic.

I almost don't wanna link to it because they'd get more views, but read the title, more info, and top comments, you'll see what I mean : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N7Ng6T xFpA

My post title is a perfect example of how some asshole (in this case, me) uses some other artist's name, to draw more attention. In the case of the link above ... they repeat his name into oblivion. AND it's the goddamn Google link when searching "Mr Literal 2"...


Posted by RicePirate - August 15th, 2011

The transfer is complete!

Thank you Tom and staff for passing my KotP crown to Strawberry Clock on this very exciting day.

10 years of anything is no small feat :)

Happy clock day to all!

Happy Clock Day :)

Posted by RicePirate - August 11th, 2011

... for me...


Symphonic Tower Defense (created by Matt and Jon) is finally out of the closet ... and it's awesome. Go destroy music!


Music vid for HolyKonni with Turtleco, Collab with Hulalaoo, Pwanchi Burger by cyotecody555, stuff that's been voiced, Lucky Tower 2, some games, some animation... I don't even know anymore...


The tree-dwellers of Brackenwood have met their mark for their kickstarter campaign. But apparently making an epic game and showering backers with gifts just isn't enough.

To top it all off, Bitey Castle if offering 2 months of animation tutorial/classes on 2D special effects for backers of $39 and up.

May I just say, "Holy shit". I pledged $300 back when the campaign started ... and with this announcement, my donation went from charitable to a steal. (update <-- my situation may not be as excellent as I thought ... due to my donation size ... that said, if you haven't donated already, this is a great time to do so!)


The amazing artists that have so generously donated their talent and time to the project have begun to finish up some of their art.

For a sneak peak at the official site (incomplete): creaturing.com


The NG audio portal is literally an endless mine of shiny awesome treasures. A buffet of sound to sate the appetite of any listener. Sometimes you just have to dig a little.

I recently stumbled on Mister Scoops. Seriously under-rated. A library of awesomeness abounds.


After years of work from a bazillion artists ... the NG Levels Collab is nearing completion. It literally needs only a few slots filled. I've seen the swf of the completed work ... and it's epic.

To learn more about the project and to see what slots are available, check out funkycaveman's news post, it has all the details.


Still haven't heard a response on whether or not I'll be able to transfer my crown to SBC for the 10th anniversary of Clock Day ... could be that it's simply not technically possible with how the system designates the KOTP. We'll see :)



Longest Post Ever...

Posted by RicePirate - August 4th, 2011

By the numbers, I have been awarded the KOTP. I'm honored, to say the least. Seriously.

I figure an opportunity like this doesn't arise very often, and so, I'll take this moment to actually make a request (to the staff):

On Clock Day (August 15th? 10th anniversary ?) : Is there a way I could actually officially hand the portal crown off to SBC? Seeing it on the board on the holiday would be a treat. If (due to technical demands) I lose the crown for the month, I'd still be willing to offer it. If it's simply out of the question ... then I understand that, as well.


A flash I have been working on with FrozenFire is finally finished and in the portal, check it out: Fair warning : this is an Anti-meme flash, despite appearances

It's a small tribute to all things Nyan, Pony, Falcon, and Creepery ...

King of the Portal, my one request

Posted by RicePirate - July 24th, 2011

One year ago today (so not long after I joined NG), I finished a small and simple segment for the Dino Collab.

Here it is! It was one of the first things I animated, so ... yeah ...

At that time, I'd joined pretty much every collab there was. It was a great way to learn, meet other artists, and get to know the NG community.

While I pretty much broke my ass to finish my parts on time (which were pretty short turnarounds), I noticed that a number of collabs were simply never making it our the door, despite artists racing to meet the deadlines set by the organizers. The Zombie Collab, Space Ghost Collab, Roll-call collab, chess collab, and dino collabs I made parts for ... never saw the light of day.

I don't regret the work I put in. And I still think collabs are one of the best ways to get to know fellow NG artists.

I've got nothin' but love for LilJoey (organizer of the Dino collab), and I've seen a number of the other parts, and some of them are freakin' awesome. So let's do this thang, shall we?

- CLAP has been hitting some Chinese forums with fun results
- Looking forward to collabing with Hulalaoo
- Still daydreaming about Pengwins
- 13 Assassins kicks serious asses
- Been voicing some stuff for GOFFA toys, and OnPath
- Recently voiced a piece for a new company, OnePager

Posted by RicePirate - July 12th, 2011

Robot day is one of those ninja holidays that just creeps up and unloads a 1000-shuriken combo between your eyes. Sweet music, amazing art, and awesome animations. Newgrounds should really make a bigger deal of out it, that or not flank it with so many other events... :P


C.L.A.P. is in the portal, for anyone who wishes to learn a quick lesson in the Chinese language.

Really excited for Mark-er's finished TOFA animation, which (unbenownst to me, was across TomaMoto), so that was doubly exciting. Here's a link on the TOFA page (last one down on the page)

Lots of voice stuff for NG in the works. Professionally, I just voiced for OnPath, Goffa Toys (which I got Ockeroid doing the music for :P), and a new company coming out called OnePager (they have a great video ... but it's private :/).

So because the voicing was getting a little more consistant on the professional side, I've been reworking my own vo site : hearmick.com (still very incomplete, in terms of design and content).

Had to bang out another corporate promo/explanitory vid for another new company, CommutePays. I'm not a fan of my voicing, but I wrote and animated it in like 2 days. There is no music yet, but Ockeroid has been commissioned to score it. I may end hiring someone to redo the voicing.