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RicePirate's News

Posted by RicePirate - September 7th, 2010

Just wanted to jot down the events of the past week, in terms of my Newgrounds experience...

Epic Yays for my first solo Daily First. I attribute this completely to the kindness of the NG crew and their faith in posting it on the Front Page.

RedHarvest and I's 2nd 24hour collab is wrapping up and has proven to be more than several handfuls of a task. But with such an epic crew of artists, I couldn't simply let us paste the pieces together ... we needed menus and bios and WORDS!!!!! It's coming together nicely ... and I can't wait for the final parts (>.> You know who the hell you are)

Finally, VO work has been abundant ... hopefully a number of projects I recorded for will be posting ... though I believe I did not make the cut for a my latest round of auditions ... most likely because Tomato is doing them all ... til the end of time.


Posted by RicePirate - August 20th, 2010

I've been on NG for a couple months now and was getting sick of my userpage ... it was confuddled, ugly, and making my face hurt.

So I decided to actually create the RicePirate mascot in order to synchronize a branding image for my NG handle. Changed my banners, user images, etc ... but also, developed a fun little intro for my future flashes.

You can check it out here

The fbf-ness of it was directly a result of working on the 60frame collab. Trying to get extra mileage outta projects isn't my usual MO, but I figured it was time I got my hands dirty and took off the tweening gloves.

I've got 4 more collabs to finish entries for... then I believe I'm all wrapped up on collabs (except for my own).

I've got a list of 20 animation ideas I haven't touched, and the list keeps growing ... gotta release the RicePirate :D


M!ck (the Rp)

Posted by RicePirate - August 7th, 2010

Hey guys,

As I begin to finish up the remainder of the collabs I tentatively signed on for, I'd really like to take my stuff to the next level. I'm a fan of learning, practicing, figuring stuff out, and getting good at new things. Currently, my art is "fine", but still not even close to professionalism of many of the NG artists...

If anyone has links to tutorials for (the following) I'd be greatly indebted to you guys:

(1) Linework ... best practices for consistent line widths (in Flash)
(2) Lip Syncing ... not just the lips per sound mouthing, but the fluid "from-sound-to-sound"
(3) Cartoon motion (wind ups and what not) ... unless that's strictly learned from watching others...

Anything else that could help make my work more polished :)

Thanks a ton!


Posted by RicePirate - July 25th, 2010

So I pretty much haven't slept in three days ... last night I noticed the Dino collab needed submissionsand I felt kinda inspired.

There will be booze, there will be drugs, there will be dino orgies! (And somehow it's all kinda PG-13... I think).

Check out the one minute of dino-debauchery

Dear Lord, I have a headache.

Dinosex and the End of an Era

Posted by RicePirate - July 20th, 2010

Thanks to RedHarvest, my drawing hand will never be quite the same again.

24 hours to animate a 16 second segment.

I'll say this ... I spent about 4 hours working on things that I wound up scrapping, including the high-noon gun duel. That said ... what I wound up with, I'm happy with.

Thanks to RedHarvest for the wonderful collab idea and theme, as well as joshhunsaker for the amazing musical inspiration.

I hope the NG community digs the 24hour collab effort. It be gettin' all my 5's! :P

Here's my section : Train Robbery (at 300 mph)


Wildest Neo-West

Posted by RicePirate - July 10th, 2010

The mother of a friend of mine read an article in their local paper (you've never heard of it), and it was talking about the "recent increase in childhood violence possibly being related to videogames".

First of all, that argument is about a decade old. Secondly, I'd blame the gnarly web-content, like 2g1c, over videogames any day. Thirdly, at least your kid isn't selling meth... or maybe they are ... but it would have nothing to do with videogames.

So ... I decided to toss around the idea of a game that focused on ANTI-VIOLENCE! Funnily enough ... there still turned about be bloodshed ... but nothing gorier than scenes you'd find in a bible.

I'll be uploading the video to NG once Robot day/week is over ... as it's not really with the theme. No point muddling up the celebration :D

In the meantime, it can be viewed here:


PaciFISTS | FAG (Fake A$$ Games)

Posted by RicePirate - June 25th, 2010

w00terz! It appears having completed a Flash Video helps speed along the process of scouting... this makes sense. Sense is good.

So while the ratings for the Castlefailure (SotN): Noises in the Library bob up and down, I'm more inspired than ever for my next project, which will likely take a good deal more time to complete. But (like the Librarian gag) has been a videogame plot-point that I've wanted to play around with :)

I'll likely have some sketches in the process of the making. Thanks again, Imp, for the scout!

To the rest of y'all ... big shouts!


Posted by RicePirate - June 23rd, 2010

Appeared as though my experimental project wasn't to the liking of the NG community. Of course, at this point, who the hell am I to NG? Noob-fodder.

That said, I have in the works a tidy little comedic short based on SotN. Which I believe will be to the liking of the group... we'll see. Gotta get some momentum!

Posted by RicePirate - June 18th, 2010

So, I've actually started a number of Flash animations I'd like to share here on NG, however, with work, travel, and learning AS3 ... it's been a slow process. It doesn't help that I'm not loving the work I've done so far, but I need to get over myself and take some baby steps.

In the meantime, I've had a few minutes here and there draw out some comics and sketches. So at the very least, I'm getting my profile rollin' ... kinda.

Looking forward to posting much, much more.

Rock on,